May 24, 2024

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The Standby celebrate a year of “Over, Under” with anniversary compilation

A year after their debut effort Over, Under, The Standby looks back with fervor with a collection of demos and an unreleased piece.

The band garnered praise from the original release from several outlets. Drawing comparisons to greats like Nirvana, Balance & Composure, and Citizen, the slow-moving, emotive pieces make The Standby an unsung hit.

Comprised of guitarist Jordan Sigmund and bassist Lyle Sallade with both sharing vocal duties, it’s a marvel that with half the staff of a typical band, we can experience such comprehensive songwriting.

With several music videos on the ever-fantastic Dreambound channel and coverage from a who’s-who of outlets, it’s surprising the band hasn’t taken off further.

This demo compilation sees “Wintersun” and “Broca” performed in a mellowed, captivating fashion with the right mix of rawness and polish to evoke feelings from the listener. In addition, “Untitled” feels right at home with the rest of The Standby’s discography – a deliberate, anxious single-worthy romp.

In a 2020 full of dark thoughts and uncertainty, it’s welcome to experience a group like The Standby, and revel in their year-old success with this new compilation to accompany it. Check out the Demos release below and discover your new favorite emo band in The Standby.


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