May 25, 2024

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The Requiem bring back mid-2000s vibes with new single “Kill The Lights”

The Requiem are only roughly a month away from releasing their debut album A Cure To Poison The World on Fearless Records, and have released another new single from it. “Kill The Lights” sees the band continuing to sound like the high points of the mid 2000s vibe of an alternative emo rock blend that we all loved so much.


“‘Kill The Lights’ is about the feeling of resentment and disgust some of us get at a young age towards our environment, people, and difficult situations we’ve been inadvertently brought up on,” the band says.

Regarding the album as a whole, the band sees it as a catalyst with which to directly connect with fans. “I want people to actually be able to relate to the music and identify,” Damien says. “It’s the same way I felt my favorite artists spoke for me.” Felipe shares the sentiment, saying, “Our goal is to be our most pure form These songs thematically reference growing up, the struggles of becoming an adult, and lessons we’ve learned.”

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