February 25, 2024

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The recent Attack Attack! reunion won’t include Caleb Shomo or Johnny Franck

Crabcore heroes Attack Attack! have reunited, and while it was recently one of Twitter’s highest-trending subjects in the last 48 hours, the “reunion” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if you look beyond the surface. In fact, it appears quite likely – based on recent developments – that it’s more or less a Drudge/Nine Shrines rebrand. This goes even deeper down the rabbit hole when you look at who the band follows on Instagram, too.

As former Beartooth member Taylor Lumley notes, this really isn’t likely to turn out how many are hoping. While the band is releasing new music this Friday with a new album incoming that’s being produced by Joey Sturgis, neither Caleb Shomo nor Johnny Franck will be a part of the reunion – with Shomo bluntly stating such on social media. In fact, the only original members of the band participating in the reunion appear to be Andrew Whiting (drummer) and Andrew Wetzel (guitarist). I Am Abomination’s Phil Druyor doesn’t seem to be about it either.

Maybe they should have just had Silent Planet’s Garrett Russell be the frontman instead. In fact, that would be pretty interesting.

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