The Plot In You’s angry new song “Forgotten” goes viral, hits Spotify’s USA Viral 50 chart

Released on August 11th, The Plot In You’s newest single “Forgotten” is reminiscent of some of their earliest material – a real throwback (and callback, in some ways) to their albums First Born and Could You Watch Your Children Burn. With the benefit of songwriting that’s certainly developed over the years, it can still be a shock for TPIY to release a song that’s unrelentingly heavy – especially when you consider that much of their recent material is, well, more melodic.

Despite the success of their viral track “Feel Nothing”, where it would’ve been easier for Landon Tewers and company to simply re-write that song to milk its success, their last couple records have showed the band mining all kinds of disparate influences and still maintaining a familiar sense of whatever it is that really defines The Plot In You. It’s with that being said that “Forgotten” is still a bit of a shock to the system.

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It’s also not much of a surprise that it’s going viral, both on social media and Spotify’s USA Viral 50 chart. Yet again, it’s making its way onto TikTok workout videos and onto Twitter threads faster than you can blink. At its core, the song is about resiliency and defiance – two themes that are near-universal to the average person. Plus, the song overall has some of their biggest nu-metal influences to date, so there’s that. Or maybe it’s just a banger and a half. Yeah, that’s probably it.



♬ Forgotten – The Plot In You

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