The Hum Goes On Forever as The Wonder Years sell out Chicago for an evening of singalongs (Show Review) Wonder Years / Hot Mulligan / Carly Cosgrove

Concord Music Hall

Chicago, IL

March 16th, 2023


The Wonder Years returned to Chicago to a sold out crowd as usual hitting Concord Music Hall during their “The Hum Goes On Forever” tour.

Kicking off the evening with hot rising newer band Carly Cosgrove. With an energetic set that had sing alongs and even a crowd surfer or two it was clear this sold out crowd packed in early to see them. Playing a set consisting half of last years “See You In Chemistry” the band made a slew of fans who will be awaiting their return.

Next up was one of the genres hottest bands, Hot Mulligan. I can confidently say that next tour I can see Hot Mulligan filling this same room. The band playing a slew of songs off of “You’ll Be Fine” mixed in with some other hits and their two newest singles. Nonstop sing alongs and crowd surfers commenced here as the band has grown to a crowd favorite. You could tell the crowd was crazy for them as they chanted one more song as the band walked off stage.

Closing off the night though was the legendary The Wonder Years. With a 21 song set with “The Hum Goes On Forever” being the focus with mixes of other albums intertwined the band showed why they are a staple of the genre. A perfect blend of energy and raw emotion is what the band gives out and receives back from the crowd.

Frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell commands the crowd between singing their hearts out and running crazy as the set list flows with various hits of emotions that mean something to each crowd members life. Its clear watching the band now that they are only on the rise still with a discography already that would make most bands blush. As for Chicago, we just await their return.


Photo Gallery : The Wonder Years – Concord Music Hall (03.16.2023)


Photo Gallery : Carly Cosgrove – Concord Music Hall (03.16.2023)


Photo Gallery : Hot Mulligan – Concord Music Hall (03.16.2023)

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