“The Good Witch” Maisie Peters makes a magical night at Margaret Court Arena

By Olivia Burns


The Good Witch – more commonly known as Maisie Peters played her largest international show on her headlining tour at Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena. It was a lineup of powerhouse women in music, with UK’s Dylan and Australia’s own Gretta Ray to perform alongside her. 


Fan’s lined up outside the venue eager to get through the doors, they started flowing in, either taking their seats or those that were keen to be among the masses on the floor grabbing their spot. 


Gretta Ray took to the stage, she was performing in her home city. She took a few moments during her set to say how amazing it was to play in her home city,  a few of her songs made references to her living here. During her introducing her song ‘Roses’ a fan grabbed her attention by waving crocheted flowers to her from the crowd which she gratefully received. 

Dylan kicked it off with some rock pop vibes, her set was spent transitioning between rocking out on the guitar and jumping from each side of the stage, with mic in hand. She gave an inside story on her song “You’re not Harry Styles” about an ex who in fact looked a little like Harry Styles. Dylan did a great job warming up the crowd. 

Fans pressed up against the barricade were waiting in anticipation for the show to start. As the start time approached, a chant of ‘Maisie’ started until ‘‘Will you please sing the national anthem’ came over the loudspeakers and ‘Untouched’ by The Veronica’s came on, an iconic song from the Australian duo, everyone started screaming the words. As the song faded out, the band got into their places as screams erupted, then the blonde haired singer emerged from side stage, and the screams got even louder, kicking off the night with ‘The Good Witch’, which effortlessly transitioned into ‘Coming of Age’ half way through. Maisie showcased endless energy from the start, and  continuously broke out into smiles while singing, taking in the huge crowd in front of her. Her bubbly personality shone through her entire performance.

With only a few older tracks, such as ‘Blonde’ and ‘Cate’s Brother’, her set consisted mostly of songs off her latest album. In the second half of her set, she took a moment to ask if it was okay to sing one of her favourite Australian songs ‘Josh’ by Peach PRC who has definitely become an icon of as Australia, she started off the song, as everyone was happy singing along with her, she welcomed Peach PRC on stage and everyone went nuts, definitely an iconic moment seeing these two worlds collide. ‘Josh’ wasn’t the only cover that we were treated to, as she sang her own rendition of Noah Kahan’s ‘Stick Season’ to which she did great justice to.

While a few songs were left off the set, which I wouldn’t have minded hearing, knowing we definitely didn’t have time for them all, but a lil ‘This Is On You’ from her earlier days would’ve been well received! The night was about to end as Maisie and band got off stage, but this was met with the chants of her fans wanting more. Getting back out on stage, she was joined by Gretta, Dylan and Peach PRC singing ‘History of Man’ . What a moment it was to see these artists singing together. To conclude the night, was of course one of the more popular songs off of her latest album ‘Lost the Breakup’ ending the night on such a high, with everyone singing along! 

Maisie projects such an infectious energy on stage, captivating the audience with her catchy songs, bubbly personality, and remarkable voice, delivering an unforgettable performance for everyone to enjoy.


Photo Gallery : Maisie Peters – Margaret Court Arena (03.23.2024)

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