The Ghost Inside turn it super heavy with new single “Split”

The Ghost Inside are doing a complete 180 with their new single “Split”. Going from a softer more alternative based track to their latest single “Split”, which sees the band return to their heavy roots. This comes from the bands upcoming new album “Searching For Solace”.



People always ask me how I remain positive,” Vigil muses. “I’m realising now that there’s never really a time where you reach that point of ‘happiness.’ It’s a constant journey. I know that life is hills and valleys. You must be willing to embrace new things, stand up for yourself, and adapt. Because the goalposts just move further away. The search for solace never ends.


There’s more singing and song structure than on the previous album, but there are also some of the heaviest songs we’ve done,” notes Riley (bass). “We really know who we are, and we also feel comfortable stepping into the future. This is a new chapter, but it’s not disconnected from what the band sounded like before. It’s more of an extension of it. We’re excited by it.”

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