Pure American Metal: How Lamb Of God’s 2004 album “Ashes Of The Wake” changed metal forever

“Now you’ve got something to die for”, roars Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe on 2004 breakout album Ashes Of The Wake. While previous albums New American Gospel and As The Palaces Burn sought to establish a link between classic metal bands (especially Pantera) and creating something new and exciting on their own. That is…

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Show Review: Lamb Of God Headlining Tour

  Lamb Of God Tour Marathon Music Works January 20th, 2016 Nashville, TN Contrary to popular belief, Nashville hosts more than just country artists. Shocking, I know. In case you weren’t convinced, on January 20th, Lamb Of God’s tour stopped in TN to play a sold out show at Marathon Music Works. With multiple dates…

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