February 27, 2024

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Swedish deathcore band The Hate Project make waves with their new song “Despised”, new EP on the way!

Coming from the depths of Kalmar, Sweden comes a fierce deathcore group by the name of The Hate Project. The group made their name known with their 2019 single “Delusion”. The Swedish group showcases brutal vocals, dark melodies, and pulverizing guitar songwriting in all the best and brutal ways. The Hate Project seeks to create raw heavy music with a serious undertone of groove, and they do a fantastic job at bringing their vision to life. The Hate Project went on to release their eight track debut album “Seize The Obscurity”, and it quickly became one of my favorite metal release of 2021. The album was well-praised by the metal community and helped the band get footing in the metal industry. The Hate Project is currently gearing up to release their brand new EP “From Flesh to Soil” and they have just presented a brand new song taken from the EP! The new song titled “Despised” is the third song to be released from the upcoming EP, and it is a banger! The Hate Project immediately kicks the song off viciously and keeps the momentum going all the way through until the ending sequence. The previously released songs “Suicide Letter”, and “Buried Alive” are also very strong singles that can easily stand on their own. The Hate Project is a force to be reckoned with in the metal community, and we’re excited to see how the rest of the EP turns out! The upcoming EP “From Flesh to Soil” is leaning towards a Spring 2022 release.


EP artwork for The Hate Project’s upcoming EP “From Flesh to Soil”


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