April 24, 2024

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Sundressed join the list of emo greats in “Home Remedy” (review)

Sundressed was introduced to me as a band “addressing issues day-to-day like mental health, money problems, and more with their music.” Pitched as a band akin to Sorority Noise and Modern Baseball, I can recall a different time in my life when this wave of emo hit all the right emotional spots. I’m hoping to relive that with the band’s third LP, Home Remedy.

Surely by LP3, this band has eased into their niche, and that’s definitely the case here. With a clear-cut identity solidified, Sundressed is their own band on Home Remedy, with their potential on full display.

I took a different route in reviewing this record – instead of analyzing it track-by-track, I decided to get immersed and soak in the album as an entire entity. Thundering toms and riffs-a-plenty, Sundressed will sound familiar to new listeners like me, and resonate with long-time fans on Home Remedy.

My personal favorite on the album is “Is This a Drug?” which brings me back to Sorority Noise’s “Using,” touching on the topic of drugs in a playful yet meaningful manner. The best lyric is “Am I in love or is this a trick? Are these butterflies or am I just sick?

Other noteworthy bits are single “Size of My Heart” for channeling long-standing emotions into a fun track and closer “Cash Out” wrapping a bow on the record with a nice duet throughout the piece.

I can envision Sundressed appealing to a very wide audience. This far into their career, they sound fresh and invigorated. While some songs worked better than others, it’s a coherent record through and through. With Home Remedy as my entry point, I’m pleased to report this as yet another addition to the bevy of great emo records in 2020.

Rating: 7.5/10

A press copy of Home Remedy was provided courtesy of Big Picture Media.

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