April 20, 2024

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Sueños Fest 2023 day two sees banda rise with Grupo Firme and a rare appearance of Becky G

Sueños Fest day two kicked off and the day really embraced how much of a family the community is. It should be stated that festival crowds can be a mixed bag of people that don’t always mesh well together. I’ll say though that Sueños Fest has some of the most welcoming, caring, and there to be with one another type crowds out there. People give water and drinks to another and if someone needs help or medical attention the crowd will make everyone aware of it. Its a great thing to see given sad incidents that have happened in crowds over the last few years.

Day two featured some rising names in latin based music with Young Miko, Ryan Castro, and Junior H. Miko in particular for such an early day set had the crowd going, dancing, and singing along. It was clear as the bright sunny day we had that Miko will be a name in the scene for quite some time.

One of the big draws though of the day, and even weekend, was the rare Chicago appearance of Becky G. Having only played Chicago 3 times before in her long career the crowd was clearly ready to get going with her. Having one of the first real stage set ups of the day it was clear that she came to play. With a bevy of dancers she commanded the stage and made her mid day set feel like a proper headline act. Hopefully this isn’t the last time both Sueños and Chicago sees of Becky G in the near future.

Following her though was the one two punch of Myke Towers and Nicky Jam. Towers who has had a steady rise in the genre amassing a large following proved that his rise to fame is the real deal. The 29 year old reggaeton star made not have put out his debut album till 2020 but hes been at it since 2016 dropping hit after hit. Towers was a great lead in though for what was to come. Nicky Jam hit the stage and showed why in some way he’s been a name to remember for 20+ years. With a massive crowd singing and dancing along to every word it was clear that Nicky Jam was happy to be here as he ran up and down the massive cat walk attached to the stage.

Closing out the night though with a crowd of 55,000 people were the legends in Grupo Firme. Creating a giant party to shut the festival out with. The banda which has had a massive surge in popularity made it clear why they were the headliners here. All smiles, dancing, and singing the banda and everyone in it was clearly happy to be in Chicago here. Blasting through hit after hit, utilizing every inch of the stage so fans all around could get a view, the group cemented themselves in not only Suenos history, but Chicago latin music history, with their legendary set.


Photo Gallery : Becky G – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)


Photo Gallery : Grupo Firme – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)


Photo Gallery : Junior H – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)

Photo Gallery : Myke Towers – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)


Photo Gallery : Nicky Jam – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)


Photo Gallery : Ryan Castro – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)


Photo Gallery : Young Miko – Sueños Festival (05.28.2023)

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