April 24, 2024

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Steve Hackett revisits Genesis in Chicago with an evening of hits celebrating his career

Steve Hackett

Genesis Revisited – Foxtrot at 50

Copernicus Center, Chicago

March 29, 2024

Photos and words by Roman Sobus

Despite being on my bucket list for some time, I missed Steve Hackett’s performance at The Copernicus Center in Chicago last November due to a scheduling conflict. I had pretty much given up hope of having another opportunity anytime soon, when he announced a return to the same venue at the end of March. I was determined to go!

The Copernicus Center is a relatively modern medium size venue located on the North-West side of the city. It features great sound and nice comfortable seats – a perfect place to catch a show!

The evening began with a short intro from the show promoter, touting upcoming events around the area and moved right into the music. The evening’s performance was divided into two parts, the first, covering nine selections of original solo material from the time Steve Hackett left Genesis, and a full performance of Genesis’  fourth studio album “Foxtrot”, which was released more than  five decades ago in September 1972. There was a twenty minute intermission between the sets.

As the lights dimmed and the band entered the stage one by one, with Hackett being the last one to step on stage. The crowd rose to their feet and greeted them with a round of applause! After a short intro by Hackett, they quickly moved into the performance, opening with “People of the Smoke” from Hackett’s latest release “The Circus and the Nightwhale”. This was followed by “Circus Inferno” and “These Passing Clouds”.  The band moved through the set in quick succession finishing with “Camino Royale” and “Shadow of the Hierophant” Hackett’s playing was impeccable! He is in my humble opinion one of the best guitarists out there!

After the brief intermission, the band returned to the stage and promptly opened with “Watcher of the Skies”, the first cut off the Foxtrot album, then rolling through the songs one after another. I was moved hearing the full album, start to finish performed live!

They returned for a three song encore, leaving everyone in the audience satisfied!

 Hackett did an amazing job selecting his band mates for this tour! Roger King on keys was spot on, as was Nad Sylvan on vocals! Jonas Reingold on Bass and Craig Blundell on drums added depth throughout. Rob Townsend added his saxophone skills. No gimmicks, just a solid performance by professional musicians that love what they do. 


Photo Gallery : Steve Hackett – Copernicus Center (03.29.2024)

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