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Static X finally make their way to Green Bay for long awaited “Rise Of The Machines” tour (Show Review)


Epic Event Center

Green Bay, WI

April 2nd, 2023

By Mariah Berg

After much anticipation , the Rise of the Machine Tour is finally able to be making its way, selling out shows across North America! The Epic Event Center in Green Bay, WI was fortunate enough to be a sold out stop for this stacked tour package! Fans have had tickets to see this show for nearly 2 years. When Covid happened and everything got shut down, this tour had to be rescheduled. Fans patiently waited with their tickets for this moment to finally happen!


The first band to kick off the Rise of the Machine tour was a 6 piece band called Cultus Black! This band was definitely a great band to get the crowd warmed up for the rest of what was to come of the night. Cultus Black made it a point to interact so much with the crowd! From their percussionist diving into the crowd to crowd surf, to vocalist James Legion coming down to the crowd to sing with their fans during their song “You Make Me Sick”. Cultus Black is a band that won’t easily be forgotten. Their stage presence is fantastic. From the body paint, to the masks they wore, to the crowd interaction before and after their set. That’s right, even after their set Cultus Black wasn’t done. They wanted to meet each and every fan and they did just that. Overall, Cultus Black was a fantastic choice to open up the Rise of the Machine tour each and every night.


Next to take the stage was a fantastic 4 piece band called DOPE! Dope is a band that is no stranger to anyone. They have been around making killer music for many years, since the 90’s! Dope is composed of some phenomenal musicians, musicians that have been making music together for over 20 years! Dope is fronted by one of the most talented artists in music, his name is Edsel Dope. Edsel told a little story from many years ago when Fear Factory, Static-X and Dope all toured together. It made it even more special to see all these bands touring together again in 2023, over 20 years later. Dope performed a few of their hit songs and even tossed in a cover of “You Spin Me Round”. Dope had fans jumping up off their feet their entire set, it was amazing to see so many fans having such a great time!


Next to destroy the stage was none other than Fear Factory! Fear Factory is another band that has been around for over 30 years! Over the last 30+ years the band has seen some lineup changes but Original member and guitarist Dino Cazares has been there for it all. Fear Factory recently announced the name of the person taking over on vocals! Milo Silvestro is absolutely destroying it with the microphone on his first tour with Fear Factory. Fear Factory opened up their 10 song set with their song “Shock” off their 1998 album “Obselete”. As soon as Fear Factory took the stage, the crowd roared and began to move. After 3 great bands, this show was still not over.


Last but not least to take the stage, Static-X! Static-X is another band who is no stranger to anyone. This band has made some phenomenal music over the last nearly 30 years. It’s really special to see these 3 bands touring together again after so long of them all making music. There is one person missing, and his name is Wayne Static. The way that Static-X honors him in every single show they play, is absolutely amazing. Edsel from Dope also known as ‘Xer0’ has done great justice singing for Wayne. Static-X opening up their incredible 19 song setlist with the song “Permanence” off their 2001 album “Machine”. Static-X played many fan favorites like “Black and White”, “I’m With Stupid”, “Terminator Oscillator” of course “Push It” and many more! Static-X even had some ‘snow’ for their song “Cold”. Static-X is a name people will never forget. It is very special to be able to see Static-X songs performed live.

Fans sincerely thank every single member Xer0, Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda and Ken Jay for making that possible. The Rise of the Machine tour is selling out shows left and right. There are only a few days left of this incredible tour and tickets are all sold out, hopefully you got yours!



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