April 22, 2024

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South Florida-based band Rosey Dream release their atmospheric new song “can’t forgive u”!

This experimental indie group based in South Florida has created a unique lo-fi sound, and their name is Rosey Dream. The group was founded in 2018 by Cristina Valencia and Christian Perez-Estrada and released their debut with their EP ‘Thrive’. Rosey Dream showcased a unique lo-fi indie sound, mixing the pop, alternative, and indie genres. Rosey Dream is one of those bands you can turn on and just lose yourself in their calm, atmospheric songs. The lo-fi group has just released their newest song ‘can’t forgive u’, and it’s one of their best songs so far! The song is accompanied by a melodically enriched setting that floats around the angelic vocals. Fans of artists like Purity Ring, Sleigh Bells, and CHVRCHES will find elements of Rosey Dream to enjoy. Rosey Dream has waited four years to make a return since their last EP ‘Safe Traits’, which featured three tracks that showcased a more evolved sound from their debut EP. Rosey Dreams ups the ante with their newest song ‘can’t forgive u’, as the trio homes in on their creative skill, their chemistry together is surely starting to shine brighter with each release. Rosey Dream didn’t miss a single beat on their return as they are as better than ever!


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