Sleeping With Sirens brings the multi-genre CTRL + ALT + DEL tour to Florida for a night fans won’t forget

On a hot and sunny Wednesday in Orlando, Florida, pop-punk and alternative fans lined up early to wait for The House of Blues to open their doors for The Ctrl + Alt + Del Tour. The acts of the night consisted of Garzi, Point North, Don Broco, and Sleeping with Sirens. As the doors opened, fans grabbed their drinks and ran to the stage to secure their spots for this stacked lineup! 

Kicking off the festivities of the night was a band called Garzi. Their most recent release was back in February of this year, “Mess”, which is a single release that features Kellin Quinn on vocals. I think having a song with a feature from a band that’s on the same tour package can really get fans pumped up for the performance. Although they were openers of this package, they brought the energy from the moment they stepped on stage. Keeping the crowd invested with their pop-punk sound, Garzi had the crowd singing and dancing for their whole set. 

Continuing the show, Point North was the second band that made their way to the stage. Originating and residing in Los Angeles, California, these guys are no stranger to the stage and performing. With their upbeat and indie/alternative style, these guys had the crowd singing their whole set. Similar to Garzi, they also have a song with Kellin Quinn. Released in 2020, “Into the Dark” has remained a crowd favorite over the years, but nothing beats having both artists able to perform this live on stage together. Point North knows how to keep the energy high among the crowd with their stage presence and crowd participation. 

After the first two amazing opening acts, Don Broco made it to the stage as the third act of the night. Adding a different dynamic to the lineup, originating from the United Kingdom, Don Broco gave us the perfect alternative pop rock performance. Among the crowd, everyone was dancing and singing along during their set from start to finish. Performing their hit song “Everybody” off of their Technology album, the crowd was energetic and pumped up. Rob Damiani was pumping up the crowd with his enthusiasm and passionate vocals. What a performance.

As the lights dim and the house music stops, Sleeping with Sirens, the final act of the night, made their way to the stage. Enthusiastic fans were screaming and moshing along to every song from the first to the last. Performing songs from all over their discography makes seeing Sleeping with Sirens a capturing yet memorable experience. Based off a request from a special fan that the band met earlier that night, they decided to play her favorite song of hers, “The Strays”, which normally isn’t on the setlist, but was for this special fan. Seeing these guys come together and perform new and old songs to elder emos (as the kids call them nowadays) is a nostalgic yet entertaining experience that fans will never forget. Ending their set with, “Do it Now, Remember it Later”, allowed the crowd to go absolutely crazy and wild and end their night with a bang! Sleeping with Sirens knows how to put on a show and never disappoints. 

The CTRL + ALT + DEL Orlando date was energetic from start to finish, and the energy of the crowd along side the bands never ceased. Although only 10 more dates remain on this tour, this package really brought different fans of the pop punk and alternative scene together for one night. Garzi, Point North, Don Broco and Sleeping with Sirens bring a energetic vibe to the stage that you don’t want to miss! All bands were amazing to see live, you definitely want to keep your eye out for their performance and releases in the future, especially if they’re coming to a city near you.

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