February 21, 2024

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Sleeping with Sirens Announce New Album “GOSSIP” and Release New Song “Legends”

The rock-anthem quintet Sleeping with Sirens has not only released their new song “Legends,” as following the trailer released on Wednesday, but they also have debuted the release date of their latest album Gossip which is set to come out on September 22nd via Warner Brothers.

Along with this new song, which implies elements of older album Let’s Cheers to This mixed with their previous album Madness, the band has also released details of their upcoming album Gossip. It’s set to feature 11 songs originally, with two bonus songs on the deluxe album. Merch bundles for the album can be pre-ordered here.


This is the link to view “Legends”.

The band have described this album through tweets of song lyrics and in interviews, as a darker album that brings out their true selves and shows what they’re truly capable of as a band. It will be interesting to see what’s next for the future of Sleeping with Sirens.


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