December 2, 2023

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Sleep Token just sold out the 10,000 capacity Wembley Arena in less than ten minutes

Fresh off a top 3 first-week debut in the UK and a #16 debut in the USA for their new album Take Me Back To Eden, it’s clear that the genre-bending Sleep Token are growing their fanbase seemingly each day. While the masked collective have been making music since 2016 (we were one of the first in the scene to bring them to your attention, btw) by the way), it’s only been in the last few years that they’ve seen a strong uptick in notability. While it’s true that they had a significant fanbase before 2023’s explosion, it really does seem they’ve grown exponentially just in the last 6 months. Plenty of numbers bear it out, too. Over 2.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify (almost a 10x increase since the beginning of 2023) and almost immediate sell outs across the USA are just two of the importance ones – but wait, there’s more!

Anyway, it also appears Sleep Token’s fanbase is swelling to Tool-esque proportions. Maybe not quite in size just yet, but they did just sell out the 10,000 capacity Wembley Arena in under ten minutes. No, that’s absolutely not a typo. It’s also their first time playing arena level venues in the UK, so other countries can’t be far behind.

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