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Show Review/Photo Gallery: The Civil Unrest Tour


Venue – The Warehouse

Location – Clarksville, TN

Date – June 13, 2015

Bands – Ill Niño, Straight Line Stitch, Motograter, Thira, Lydia Can’t Breathe, Dark C3ll, Erasing Never

The words “Civil Unrest” can construct a vivid image within the mind, but when I first heard of The Civil Unrest tour, I admittedly didn’t think too much into the meaning behind the name.. It was just another name for another tour. All of that changed the second the first band hit the stage last Friday night at The Warehouse in Clarksville, TN.

Rarely can a lineup vary so drastically from band to band while maintaining a consistency in the feel and sound of every artist that hits the stage, but The Civil Unrest Tour did just that.
The night started on a hard-hitting note with Erasing Never from Ohio taking the stage first. Straight out the gates, these guys set the pace perfectly for the night of music that was to come. An intense blend of harsh screams and melodic vocals that complimented, rather than competed with, the flow of equally varying instrumentals. Another detail to note: the earlier you are performing in the day, the more important it is for you to interact with the crowd and Erasing Never did just that, keeping the fans involved and eagerly awaiting the next song they’d be performing. Couldn’t have started the night in a better way!
A definite standout on the tour was DarkC3ll from Australia with a sound that really set them apart from the rest of the bands on the tour with a more Industrial/Shock feel, but maintaining the melody and heaviness that connected all the bands on the bill. The energy pouring through the speakers could be felt in every inch of the room. The performance was outright loud, aggressive, and intense from beginning to end, and even included a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” which had everyone in the crowd screaming along.
When a band hit the stage with a Reservoir Dogs theme going on, I was blown away. Lydia Can’t Breathe, from Central Florida hit the stage with a sense of humor that added to the show, but didn’t take away from the musical integrity of the metal group. It’s difficult to not appreciate when a band puts effort into the entertainment value of their set and doesn’t try solely to come out on stage and simply play every song off their latest album then retract backstage to never be seen again. From guys in FBI jackets with water guns to girls on stage making PB&J sandwiches for the crowd, one thing was abundantly clear: these guys knew how to have fun. Rarely have I seen a band where every member is skilled beyond belief and diverse in the range of their influences, tearing flawlessly through genres with their musicianship.
Next to destroy the stage was Thira. With a name that’s an acronym for Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, and an appearance of breathing masks and bandanas, the performance greatly complimented the heavy music that brought on imagery of a post-apocalyptic and desolate world. From the opening note of the opening song, these guys could not sit still, and neither could the crowd that pressed up against the stage. Heavy and exhilarating would be the only way to describe the unbelievable performance put on by the Minnesota based band.
Next on the lineup was the Nu-Metal band, Motograter, who filled the stage with the seven members covered in tribal style body paint. The unmistakable performance of the dark stage and glowing paint with members climbing on barrel drums and the unique sound of the motograter bass was the epitome of what this tour had to offer. Loud and heavy music accompanied by an unforgettable visual to keep your eyes glued to the stage.
I was lucky enough to catch a sort of homecoming show for Straight Line Stitch as Clarksville is the hometown of Vocalist, Alexis. They started off with some minor technical difficulties, but pulled through like champs and the rest of the show went off without a hitch. One of the highlights of the night was being able to witness live and in person the breathtaking capabilities of their front woman, who has to be not only one of the best female vocalists, but one of the best vocalists in general within the metal genre. The power that resonates within the walls when she lets out a scream along with the beautiful soaring melodies flows perfectly with the fast, heavy, melodic metal that comes from the rest of the guys in the band who are not any less talented, making for a complete package that leaves little to be desired from a performance.
Closing up the night were the New Jersey based Latin Metal band, Ill Nino. With a sound as unique as the lineup for this tour, I couldn’t think of a better band to headline. Playing a good variety of newer gems and older classics, but tying the set together with the consistency of that intense and in your face metal with hints of latin rhythm, giving their set that original feel that you can only link to Ill Nino. The crowd interaction during their set was phenomenal, (which is another trait that can be attributed to this tour) with the guys showing a true appreciation for each and every fan that stood before the crowd dancing, jumping, and screaming for the entirety of the set.
The Civil Unrest Tour was unbelievably well rounded and varying with all bands maintaining phenomenal musicianship and an entertaining show that truly brought the entire night from merely a concert to a true performance from every band involved. I hadn’t seen many of the bands live before, but I will undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for the next time these guys are in my city and I’d highly recommend you do the same. I really hope to see another tour of this caliber in the coming years.


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