February 20, 2024

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Show Review : The Aces – The Fonda Theatre (11.19.2021)

The Aces

The Fonda Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 19th

Photos & Review by Jenna Doolittle



The Aces hit the stage at The Fonda last Friday night to play for the sold out Los Angeles crowd.


Madeline The Person opened the show with her acoustic guitar and beautiful voice. She wore her butterfly wings and had a backstory for all of her songs. She even threw in a queen cover that the entire crowd was singing to.


The all girl pop rock band from Utah took the stage for their Under My Influence tour. The girls played songs from both of their records and some of their biggest tunes like Waiting on You, Stuck and ended the show with Daydream off their most recent record. These girls have been a band since 2008 and they all brought their talents to the stage. Cristal’s voice was even better live, Katie is so talented on the guitar, Mckenna was vibing with her bass all show and Alisa kept everyone dancing with her drums. Lead singer, Cristal interacted with the crowd all show and even grabbed a pride flag from a fan in the audience and had a bra thrown on stage.

This band was full of talent on stage and you couldn’t help but dance throughout the show. I can’t wait to see this band again.


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