December 8, 2023

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Show Review: Sorry State Of Mind Tour

Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN
August 14th, 2015

Sorry State Of Mind Tour

The Sorry State Of Mind Tour’s last stop was in Nashville, TN at the Mercy Lounge. The Mercy Lounge, which is the upstairs room attached to the Cannery Ballroom, is a small and cozy venue that I’ve only been to once back in December of last year. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to this show, seeing as I had seen Bayside play to huge sold out crowds and the Mercy Lounge has a maximum capacity of 500. Read on after the jump to hear about how the show went and to check out some photos.

Text by Kayla Lee
Photos by Nick Zimmer

Allison Weiss has such a wonderful stage presence which was made obvious as soon as the show began– she was talking to the audience and cracking jokes throughout her set (“Sorry if you can relate to my songs!”) Allison has a beautiful / strong voice which easily filled the tiny venue and her bubbly personality was something that set the mood for an enjoyable show. Her set included “Wait For Me” which you can check out right here, along with her other songs.

Allison Weiss

Laura Stevenson has an incredibly beautiful voice as well, and her set was equally enjoyable. From Long Island, NY, she seemed like such a friendly person and talked a whole bunch in between songs. Her outgoing personality mixed, with self-proclaimed awkwardness, added to the laid back and intimate vibe that Allison Weiss had set. She joined the tour midway through on July 28th (What’s Eating Gilbert played the first half of the tour) but she fit right in. Both Allison and Laura stuck around after their sets to meet fans and talk to people that were there. Listen to her music here.

Laura Stevenson

It was new and strange (in a good way!) to see Anthony Raneri play in such a small and intimate setting. Hearing him share stories about touring and speaking so casually to the audience was a nice change from seeing him address huge crowds. His set included both new and old songs, as well as covers– “Blame It on Bad Luck”, “Sorry State Of Mind”, and “I Will Follow you Into The Dark” just to name a few. Laura Stevenson came out to do vocals with Anthony during a cover of “Rainbow Connection” —yes, the song that’s originally from the Muppets, and yes, it was awesome. You can listen to Sorry State Of Mind right here, as well as all of his other music!

Anthony Raneri

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