Show Review- Papertowns Record Release Tour

Exponent Manor

Nashville, TN

July 23, 2015

Photos by Nick Zimmer

Exponent Manor is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues in Nashville. Aside from the fact that it’s someone’s house & that house shows are awesome, the close proximity of the band and the crowd is something that just can’t be matched. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy going to shows at all different venues, but any show that lacks a barrier and has no real stage ranks high on my list of favorites. There are multiple shows going on at Exponent every week and I’m fortunate to live nearby. Read on to hear about the bands that played last night!

There were four bands playing but I unfortunately had to leave before the last band played. They’re a local self-described “nautical rock & roll band” called Rusty Shipp—you can check out their music right here!

Third Season, a three piece punk rock band from Atlanta, GA, were the first band to play. Their extremely energetic stage presence was infectious— if I had known the lyrics, I would have most definitely been singing along. A few of their songs reminded me a bit of Rancid circa 1993 meets the Misfits, with some of the dual vocals reminding me of Blink-182. Playing The Lawrence Arms “The Seventeener (17th & 37th)” as well as an Alkaline Trio cover, I was impressed by their set. I would highly recommend checking them out. You can listen to their music here.



Little Fury Things, previously known as Sunnyvale, had some technical difficulties at the start of their set but made up for it with a Title Fight meets Superheaven vibe. Although all of their songs had a different feel to them, they were all enjoyable & they even included a Nirvana cover in the middle of their set. This alternative emo grunge band is from Charlotte, NC & you can listen to them right here. Their latest single, “Involuntary Silence” is part of The Oddboy Collective Vicinus Compilation. Proceeds from buying this complication will go towards The Mother Emanuel Hope Fund to help families of them victims from the Charlston, SC shooting last month. Little Fury Things, along with 26 other bands, are featured on the compilation.



Papertowns were up next. Before their set Anthony Conley, who does spoken word poetry by the name Hands & Feet, performed a piece. Title “Bastard Child”, the emotion could be felt throughout the room. I’m always moved when people speak so honestly and emotionally about things that are close to their heart, especially if it’s a difficult subject to talk about. You can listen to “Bastard Child” as well as other spoken word pieces by Hands & Feet on their bandcamp. A “suicide is not the answer” sign was propped up against the drums & I think that it’s extremely important for artists to speak out about mental illness, depression, and encourage people to get the help that they deserve.

Papertowns played material from their new record, With You In Mind. This five piece rock band from Phoneix, AZ is signed to Famined Records. Their set was full of positive energy & reminded me a lot of Have Mercy mixed with Citizen. At no point were they just standing still—they were constantly moving throughout the entire set. They had a great presence & you could feel the emotion behind their performance. With a week and a half left of tour, you should definitely check them out if they’re coming through your area. Check out the music video for their song “Change”, as well as their remaining tour dates on their website.




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