September 28, 2023

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Show Review: Palaver Thursday – July 17th


If you were in the East Nashville area and heard the sound of trumpets, saxophones, and just purely amazing reggae music, then chances are you were hearing some of the phenomenal bands that took part in this week’s Palaver Thursday show at Foobar, put on by Palaver Records, Soundstamp, and Starr Hill Brewery.


The night was off to a perfect start by Paradise Daze, an amazing reggae band, based in Nashville, TN, who seamlessly incorporate perfectly executed transitions into a purely aggressive rock sound. Fronted by a talented guitarist/vocalist with a powerful and broad-ranged voice whose sound blended perfectly with the melodic bass lines and pounding drums.


Next up were the immediately intriguing guys from Dub Spider. Once a few masked men began to hit the stage I knew we were in for quite a performance. Their full and captivating sound was rounded out by guitars, harmonicas, trumpets, keys, driving bass lines, and drums that really pulled everything together. These guys were entertaining from the second they hit the stage with a great sound and a captivating visual.


Closing out the night were the guys in the Detroit based band, 1592, whose performance was in no short supply of energy. They had a very full sound with the haunting accompaniment of the saxophone which really added depth to their sound. The trumpet player of Dub Spider even jumped on the stage for the last couple songs, as the vocalist pulled out a pocket trumpet which sounded perfect with the additional trumpet and the saxophone. The crowd was going wild as the night came to a very energetic close.


Another successful night of great music at Foobar. Such a great night of performances from beginning to end. Be sure to check back next week as I will undoubtedly be back with another review of next week’s show!

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