Show Review: Otep

Venue – The Warehouse

Location – Clarksville, TN

Date – June 24, 2015

One thing is for certain after Otep’s performance at the warehouse: they have one of the most rowdy and loyal fan bases I have yet to see at a show; and with good reason, as Otep know how to put on a good show with an in your face attitude to accentuate the aggressive, yet poetic, nature of the music.

Fronted by one of the most powerful voices, on and off the stage, Otep put on an unforgettable show with a delivery that can only be attributed to the band. The crowd response was intense before the band even hit the stage with multiple band name chants breaking out from the second the doors were opened.
The best shows are always ones where the band puts forth an effort in the audience’s experience in the show by adding an element of visuals to the entertainment, and Otep did just that with masks, baby doll heads, lights, and a spinning pig head on a stick.
Amid all the excitement, Otep requested that the fans go crazy during a song and perform a circle pit, which inevitably broke into a mosh pit, in a venue that strictly prohibits these activities. Security quickly broke into the pit grabbing the fans to stop them, at which point Otep stopped the band to say a few choice words to the security, stating that she told the fans to do it and that there was no reason to grab the fans in the manner the situation was being handled, going on to say that the band shouldn’t have been booked in that venue because those are the types of shows they put on. Visibly fired up by the scenario, the front woman went on to say they come back for the love of the fans, at which point the fans roared into a frenzy. Overall, Otep handled the situation in a very professional manner and proved her devotion and appreciation of their fans.
Otep thanked the fans and stepped off stage and were immediately drawn back by the fans screaming the band’s name at the top of their lungs. The band rushed the stage and delivered an exhilarating performance of “Breed” by Nirvana.
It was an amazing night of music with great openers and topped off by the only name that’s sure to bring as much power and aggression to mind as Otep.

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