February 28, 2024

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Show Review : Jinjer – House Of Blues (11.07.2021)

Jinjer / Suicide Silence

House Of Blues

Chicago, IL

Nov. 7th, 2021



Jinjer pre-covid was on the cusp of explosion in terms of popularity and thankfully it seems like the wait during COVID only made their explosive return even bigger.

All Hail The Yeti are on the tour but due to issues dropped off the Chicago date day of.

Suicide Silence came out energy ablaze and kept it going their entire set. Playing a mix of older hits as well as stuff off their last album and The Black Crown the band were firing on all cylinders. Eddie Hermida sounded fantastic, better than any time I’ve seen him with Suicide Silence, and looked to be having a blast. The band also played a new single that has yet to be released so I’m hoping the band has a new album or something coming in 2022.

Jinjer came out with a light show that would rival arena tours. Stacked with more lights than almost parts of the stage could handle it seemed the band put on a show for the ages. With their brand of metalcore infused progressive metal the band ripped through song after song with ease mixing technicality and brutality in one.

Singer Tatiana Shmayluk both commands the stage while also never making it all about herself in a way many could learn from. With an incredible diverse vocal range Tatiana will easily be one of the voices of the genre for a long time to come. Playing a long set featuring songs from their catalog including 2021s highly praised “Wallflowers” the band showed tonight why they won’t be in venues this size much longer. Its clear as day the band is set for massive success and growth and for fans in attendance they got to witness what just might be an intimate show the band won’t have for some time.



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