Show Review : Halestorm – Rialto Square Theatre (12.08.2021)

While on tour with Evanescence, Halestorm stopped off for an off date at the legendary Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, IL for a sold out evening showing why they should be one of rocks biggest bands.


Kicking off the evening was Lilith Czar. Recently rebranding from her Juliett Simms (and Automatic Loveletter) bands into the rebirth of old school rock personified. Commanding the stage in a dark aura herself and her band made a theatre of new fans with their brand of rock with almost goth influences.

Changing right over though after a quick break was the band everyone came for. Halestorm paraded out to roars from all playing to an all seated venue, something they may not be into. While there were no moshing or anything to be had tonight the crowd gave just as much energy as if there was. It helped seeing just how happy front woman Lzzy Hale and company were to be back on stage and touring again.

Its clear as day that Halestorm should be one of rocks biggest bands though and filling arenas though. With one of the genres best voices Lzzy Hale is a complete powerhouse between singing, playing guitar, and still commanding the crowd out of the palm of the hand like most wish they could. Add that in with the likes of Joe Hottinger blazing away on guitars making it look effortless while playing off of Lzzys actions while the crowd just melts away.

With a longer set than their current tour fans were treated to the hits from their entire career along with some deeper cuts and even a Dolly Parton cover. After this roarous evening of rock Halestorm gave Joliet, hopefully we get to see them again in 2022 on a tour of their own.

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