May 25, 2024

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Show Review : Dayglow – The Fonda Theatre (09.15.2021)

Dayglow / Hovvdy

The Fonda Theatre

Los Angeles, California

Sept. 15th, 2021


Photos & Review By Jenna Doolittle


Dayglow (Sloan Struble) took the stage at The Fonda on Wednesday with a high energy performance. He brought so much fun energy to the stage, you couldn’t help but smile and dance with him.

Hovvdy opened the show for Dayglow and got the crowd moving. They sounded great live and switched it up on us when the drummer and singer switched spots halfway through the show. Their indie pop sound was a great way to get this show started. They have a new album,True Love coming out October 1 and they even had some early physical copies of the unreleased album for sale at the show.

Sloan brought so much energy when he hopped on stage, nothing but the biggest smile and dancing around the stage. Behind him were giant LED letters of Dayglow and the light show was some of the best I’ve seen. He played a variety of songs from both of his albums and gave a back story of his song, Fuzzybrain. He describes it as the awkwardness of leaving high school that every 18 year old can relate to. His performance was spot on and his band brought just as much energy. The last few songs really got the crowd moving, everyone was dancing and singing along. He could barely make it off of the stage before the crowd started screaming for an encore.

This show was a lot of fun, the smiles were contagious and the dancing could not be stopped. I recommend seeing this show if you have the chance.

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