Show Review : Chloe Moriondo – The Roxy Theatre (10.14.2021)

Chloe Moriondo

The Roxy Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 14th, 2021

Photos & Review By Jenna Doolittle



Thursday night, Chloe Moriondo played their first of two shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles. The 19 year old started out on youtube gaining over 3 million subscribers and has just recently released their second album, Blood Bunny. Their music gives off a pop punk feel with lyrics that can be dark paired with instrumentation that makes you want to dance.

Addison Grace opened the show, playing a stripped down set with their ukulele and their emotional support stuffed animal. Wallice took the stage next with her band and played an energetic set with lots of instrumental breaks. Both artists got the crowd pumped up and ready for Chloe to come on stage.

Chloe came out with the biggest smile on their face and was so thankful for everyone that came to see them. They started the show with songs off their newest album like, Bodybag, Girl on TV, I Eat Boys and Favorite Band and then played an unreleased song called Sammy, which is all about their pet at home. They played a couple of throwback songs from their first album on the ukulele including their most popular song, Silly Girl. During their song Strawberry blonde the crowd held up pink signs saying, “when i’m with you nothing is wrong” that fans handed out before the show and you could see chloe getting choked up by all the love their fans were giving them. They ended the show with my personal favorites, Manta Rays, I Want To Be With You and What If It Doesn’t End Well before the crowd started chanting for an encore. Their last song was a second unreleased song, Hell Houndz, and they had everyone crouch down during it giving it a more intimate feel.

This was such a fun show to be at, Chloe’s fan base was one of the bests. Every artist makes you feel welcomed and it’s a safe space for everyone to be themselves.

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