Sean Mackin (Yellowcard) talks Riot Fest, Childhood Eyes EP, Ocean Avenue, and summer headline tour

Our own Colette Custin recently got to send over some questions to Yellowcard violinist Sean Mackin ahead of the bands headlining tour this summer and their upcoming “Childhood Eyes” EP. Check out the interview below as well as the bands latest single “Childhood Eyes”.



You probably get this a lot, especially with your tour centering around its 20th anniversary- but it’s hard to believe Ocean Avenue debuted in 2003. The album for me was one that truly defined my teenage years. How does it feel to have a twenty year-old in the family?

It feels incredible. Ocean Ave is responsible for some amazing moments in my life. And now it is responsible for bringing Yellowcard back. This is a wonderful celebration of a collection of songs that have changed our lives.

It was truly an honor to photograph your reunion at Riot Fest last year and I mean this when I say that your sound was like you never took a break. What made you reunite? How has life been back together again?

Thank you. That show was insane. Yellowcard coming back to celebrate Ocean Ave 20 years was the original reason, but our listeners and supporters are what really injected life into us. We are going to have some core memories this upcoming summer. Getting back together has felt like no time has passed, and a different lifetime smashed together. We are having a bunch of fun ironing out the last minute details of this tour.

After listening to the couple songs from your “Ocean Eyes” EP, it sounds like you’re incorporating a bit of your sounds reminiscent of the “Lights and Sounds” era… a bit more punk than pop with a splash of emo. Was this your intention? Is there more you can share about what inspired this new EP?

We really wanted to try to have max fun, mix in what we thought were the best parts of Yellowcard, and record songs like we would never get to record songs again. I think we came up with a fair offering of updated Yellowcard tunes. I also think this batch has the best violin solo I have ever recorded. And I think while listening you will hear we never really stopped writing songs.

“The Places We’ll Go” was incredible and I saw that it featured Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. The softness of his voice really complimented Ryan’s. It’s one of those songs that I think is really on par for me with “The Girl” by City and Color. Songs that evoke all of the feelings, good and bad, intense the way a perfectly pretty song does. Are there any more collaborations you’re planning in the future? Who would be your dream collaborator and why?

Thank you. We are so grateful to have Chris sing with us. I have always been a fan of his as a songwriter and singer/musician. That song I believe is a bright spot in this release. Hard to imagine another dream collaboration while this one is so fresh and current.

Mayday Parade, Story of the Year, Anberlin, and This Wild Life couldn’t be more perfect tour partners for you stylistically. Are there any specific stops on your upcoming tour that you’re most excited about?

We have so many friends/fans to see. Every stop will feel like a highlight. And Yellowcard/the members have lived in so many different places that each night will have a hometown feel. I am excited to play Jacksonville, FL, NY and LA, as those were some of the first shows to sellout. I am also excited to play Chicago again because Riot Fest is responsible for bringing us back.

It’s an understatement when I say that I’m excited for your upcoming tour celebrating OA. I think it’s going to be one of those shows that is so captivating that it’ll be over too soon. What should fans be especially excited about for this series of shows?

Thank you, we are excited too. I think the best part of this upcoming celebration of Ocean Ave, is that it is a Yellowcard show no one has ever seen before.

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