February 27, 2024

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Rolo Tomassi details upcoming full-length, releases massive new song, “Drip”

Few bands can claim they’re as talented and as spirited as the UK’s Rolo Tomassi. They’ve been putting out impressive material that straddles the line between various subgenres of metal, hardcore, post-hardcore, and the like for quite a while now. With five full-length albums in total since their 2008 debut album Hysterics, it’s also difficult to find a place where they don’t excel. Rolo Tomassi’s newer material does have an increased focus on melody, but in no fashion have they gone soft at all. If you thought their previous material was ambitious and exciting, just wait until you hear their new song, “Drip”.

A continuation of the band’s innovative and evolving ways, it’s the first single off the band’s upcoming full-length, Where Myth Becomes Memory, out next year. If the band’s anything-goes approach to heavy music is anything to go by, it might well be on the esteemed level of their previous material. Stay tuned for more.

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