December 7, 2021

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Rivers of Nihil Tour Van Robbed


Rivers of Nihil, unfortunately, had their tour van broken into a couple nights ago on a tour stop in St. Louis.

The band made this comment via their Facebook Page:

“We got hit hard tonight. Somebody punched the lock on our van in St. Louis and stole a ton of our belongings including: passports, laptops, recording equipment, money, clothes, etc. Not that this post will get us any of those things back, but if you hear anything or can help in any way please reach out.”

It’s always terrible to see bands getting robbed while out on the road trying to make a living doing what they love. You can help them out by buying merch here or donating via paypal: Any amount would be a great help. From all of us at TNF, we would like to wish the guys in Rivers of Nihil the best of luck through this situation.

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