December 9, 2021

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Failure Release First New Song In Eighteen Years – “Come Crashing”


It has been eighteen long years since Failure released their album Fantastic Planet in 1996, and I never thought I was going to hear new music from them again. Luckily, 2014’s already amazing year for music just got better – Failure is back. The alternative rock band announced their reunion in late 2013, and in early 2014 announced that they were opening for a tour with Tool. If that isn’t enough, in April they announced a tour titled the “Tree of Stars Tour”, and with that they are releasing an EP with four live tracks and a new studio track titled “Come Crashing”. Listen to the song and what this band’s future holds after the jump.



In the recent years, many bands have come from back from the dead to release new music after years of absence. Some notable mentions are the shoegaze masters My Bloody Valentine, who released a new album titled mbv in 2013 after 22 years of no new music, and more recently the indie rock band Owls, who released the album TWO this year after disbanding in 2002. When Failure released their reunion I was beyond excited, and their new song lived up to all my expectations.

“Come Crashing” is the only song I’ve been listening to today, and for good reasons. After their disbandment, all members have gone their separate ways and have grown as musicians and songwriters. Andrews went on to be in bands such as Replicants, ON, Year of the Rabbit, and even released a solo album. Edwards was also in Replicants with Andrews, but is more known for his involvement in Autolux. Scott went on to be the drummer of the band Enemy, releasing an album in 2005. With their new song, they don’t try to redo what they’ve already done, but collaborate on their new ideas as musicians to create a song they all agree on. They keep the core elements of Failure intact, but you can hear just how far they’ve come in their musical careers. Edwards’ guitar sounds reminiscent of what he’s been creating in Autolux, and you can definitely hear the difference in Andrews’ voice. It is much more mature and fits well with the atmosphere they’re creating on “Come Crashing”.

This single is only the start of the new era of Failure. The Tree of Stars Tour started on May 10th and will end on June 19th after they successfully tour the US. The band stated that they are working on a new album and the expected release is early 2015. 2014 will be a big year for Failure, and there is no stop in sight. They are showing that they are coming back stronger than they were before, and this comeback is serious. This unexpected reunion proves that bands that were long gone can always come back for more, no matter how long their absence was.

Check out their new song “Come Crashing” here, and you can buy it on their Bandcamp here.

Also, if you plan on seeing them on their tour, get the tickets from their website.

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