May 19, 2024

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Ringworm show why they are genre legends with killer new single “Thought Crimes”

Ringworm are one of hardcore and metal’s most menacing bands. The group continue to prove why they are with the band’s latest single “Thought Crimes”. The single comes from the band’s upcoming 9th full length album Seeing Through Fire, out Aug. 18th.



Commenting on the song, vocalist Human Furnace says:

‘Thought Crimes.’ Speed. Aggression. Attack. All the things that come to mind, sonically, when I think of this song. It’s a manic song. It makes you move. Lyrically, it’s not a political song. It’s about trying to have your own thoughts amongst an ocean of controlled marketing, algorithms, and forced tribalism. It’s a natural emotional response to being sculpted, directed, and sometimes, ordered, to believe in one thing or the other.

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