March 4, 2024

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Review: Photobomb – “New Blood EP”


“New Blood EP”

Rating – 4/5


Photobomb is a new Punk/Pop Punk band from Tampa, Fl. This 3 piece outfit brings a sound that reminds me of the early and mid 90’s. They are not that cookie cutter Pop Punk you hear these days. They even remind me of bands like the Gin Blossoms, Bad Religion and then even Anti Flag all in one.


The recording on the ” New Blood EP” is very garage like, but it fits. The first track on the EP is  “New Blood”. It starts off very edgy with a heavy Punk influence and brings out the Anti – Flag influence in the band. Next on the EP is ” Wonderland”. This track reminds me of something you would hear in the mid 90’s. What stands out to me on this song is the chorus, it is very catchy and makes the track my favorite on the EP.


The third track on the Ep is ” Because Of The Rings”. BOTR is a perfect mix of Punk and 90’s alternative, switching from a Punk verse to an Alternative chorus. Finally comes “Prisoners Of Our Time” with its acoustic opening mixing into an Indie feeling verse and falling into a Punk chorus.


All in all I totally digged the ” New Blood EP”. It brought a good mix of genres between Alternative, Punk and Indie.  “New Blood” was an impressive first release from this three piece Tampa outfit. I suggest it to any fans of Bad Religion, Anti – Flag and 90’s Alternative.


Tim –


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