February 27, 2024

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Review: 40 Below Summer – “Fire At Zero Gravity”

40 below
40 Below Summer

“Fire At Zero Gravity”

Nu Metal/Alternative Metal

Self Released

Release Date: 2013

Rating: 8/10



WARNING: If the “F” word offends you, stop being a pussy…and you were adopted at birth. Now that I have broken the ice, let me just say that 40 Below Summer are back in action!!! If you listened to their entire discography, you could not tell that there is a 15 year period from start to finish because they have kept the similar throughout their existence and I hope they never change that. Their new album Fire At Zero Gravity fits in just perfectly and continues on the same path as their previous release. I have been jamming out to this album for the past few days now and it is very hard to find anything wrong with it other than this album should have been released years ago because I should not have to go that long without a release from these guys. This album is just f*cking nuts PERIOD! If you enjoyed their previous work, you will fit right into this one. I do have to say that probably my favorite track would have to be Daywalker. There is something about that track that separates it from the rest of the album.

You can still download the tracks My Name Is Vengeance and Bottom Feeder from their Facebook page, but skip that and order their album when they release it at the end of April. Even though I have a copy of this album, I will be ordering it because it kicks that much ass and I want to support the band and get their asses here to Phoenix to rock my face off! Check out their page to see if they will be hitting a venue near you. ~TR


Rocks Like: Nonpoint, Snot, American Head Charge






Track Listing:

1)      Fire At Zero Gravity
2)      Bottom Feeder
3)      Coalesce
4)      Painting The Whitehouse Black
5)      Vela
6)      Eternal
7)      My Name Is Vengeance
8)      Predator
9)      Daywalker
10)   Little Miss Happiness
11)   Our Own December
12)   Human Gamma Bomb
13)   Earthquake
14)   Total Harmonic Destruction
15)   God Complex

By: Trevor R

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