Pvris showcased their new sound with a magnetic performance at the Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne

By Olivia Burns


Pvris took the stage at the Croxton Bandroom in Melbourne on November 29th as part of their Evergreen tour which coincided with their appearance at the Good Things Festival later in the week. They were accompanied by Australia’s own pop rock band, CHEZ and American rock band Magnolia Park who were also set to play the festival, so we were definitely in for a treat and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation.


As CHEZ took the stage, the crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable, and the room quickly filled with cheers. There were constant shared smiles among band members as they played their set, thanking the crowd multiple times for being there early to watch them. I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of their music, however, their performance left a lasting impression on me to want to look into them more. Leaving us with their hit single “Friends,” catchy lyrics paired with a great melodic sound, they definitely left the crowd amped up and walked away with quite a few new fans.


Magnolia Park was to follow, who are noticeably becoming a favourite in the scene and it was clear to see why. With their music delivering a great blend of classic pop-punk and rock with elements of rap and hip hop influences, a little bit of something for everyone. Their catchy songs, the way they perform and interact with the audience, and even if you didn’t know any of their music, it was hard not to enjoy the performance they put on! 


The anticipation reached its peak, as Pvris stepped onto the stage, they were met with ecstatic screams from the audience. Electric was the only way to describe the atmosphere. Breaking out into “I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE”. Lynn had a commanding stage presence right off the bat, captivating the audience. 


The band showcased an evolution from their earlier albums, favouring newer tracks while dabbling in familiar hits like “Fire” “Mirrors” and “My House”, keeping us fans that have been there since their earlier work happy. However, I left the venue feeling for filled by the set list that was played. Having seen Pvris 4 years ago at Reading Festival, I was impressed by how strong her voice had gotten and you can really see that she’s delved deep into this new sound and era, looking so comfortable as she goes between playing the guitar, then darting from each side of the stage, occasionally interacting with the two fellow band members. A personal highlight was when they took it down a notch and played Senti-Mental, definitely a favourite of mine of their newer tracks. Ending the night with GODDESS, the crowd was in full form, screaming the lyrics back, even more so than the rest of the set, giving it their all. The ending of the song was met with cheers and also sadness realising that the night was over. They then passed out their drumsticks and guitar picks, Lynn making extra effort to run from one side to the other handing them to lucky fans.

Pvris being a favourite band of mine from their White Noise days, it was great to see them on this side of the world and a taste of those who were going to Good Things were getting, definitely made me wish I secured tickets just on their performance alone. We can’t wait to see what is next and hope it won’t be long till they’re back with a new album to play.


Photo Gallery : PVRIS – Croxton Park Hotel (11.29.2023)

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