February 27, 2024

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Purity Ring brings final stop of the Land Voyage Tour to Las Vegas (Show Review)

When I had first encountered the duo Purity Ring, I had felt like I transcended into a new universe as I first listened to their debut album Shrines nearly 10 years ago. Now on their 3rd album, Graves, they continue to defy genre and give an impressive yet haunting live show. On July 25th they brought their final stop on the Land Voyage tour to Las Vegas and brought their mysterious aura and visuals with them. Aside from the show being moved indoors, it didn’t waver the duo one bit as they provided a completely new concert experience within the walls of Area 15.

As a long time fan of Purity Ring this wasn’t the first time I have attended one of their shows and let me tell you one thing, whether you are a fan or have only heard a song or two, you will be awe-struck at the atmosphere they provide any venue they play. This venue was unique as it offered the opportunity to be fully immersed in the show as it provided 360 visuals on every wall within the venue which gave the duo an unwavering advantage as their live show thrives on those components. 

Between Megan James’ delivery of vocals or Corin Roddick’s delivery of instrumentals you can’t help but remain engaged through the entire set. Not only did they play fan-favorites such as “Begin Again” and “Fineshrine” but they also played tracks off of the new EP such as “Pink Lightning” and “soshy” appealing to any and all fans who attended the show. In conclusion Purity Ring provides a fully immersive show that will captivate you and with every passing tour they only grow and get better. Between the music and production alone, if you weren’t a fan going into the show, you will be by the time you leave and I personally cannot wait for the next time they stop in a city nearby.

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