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Prof ends “The Workhorse Tour” with a packed evening in Madison (Show Review)


The Sylvee

Madison, WI

May 6th, 2023

By Bryan McCabe



Sometimes, there is a certain artist that a city just absolutely loves. For Madison, WI, one of those artists is the highly energetic Prof. He has grown from filling some of this city’s smallest venues, to headlining the annual summer concert series Live on King Street. Tonight he had a packed room of passionate fans at The Sylvee eagerly waiting for his first show here in nearly 4 years.

Madison was the final stop of the first leg of “The Workhorse Tour” in support of his newest album, Horse. Prof’s DJ Willie Wonka got the crowd thoroughly warmed up by joining them in singing a greatest hits set of songs from the likes of Dr. Dre and House of Pain. Then it was the moment that everyone in the room was waiting for. As the crowd chanted “Gampo, Gampo”, Prof came out to ear piercing cheers. From the very first beat, Prof commanded the stage with a level of confidence and showmanship that only a seasoned performer possesses. He wasted no time in showing off the new material from Horse. Tracks like “Snake Skin Leather” and “Pack A Lunch” instantly got the crowd dancing and singing along.  

What truly set Prof’s performance apart was his unparalleled ability to engage with the crowd on a personal level. Between songs, he would share anecdotes, crack jokes, and interact with fans in the front rows, creating an intimate connection that made everyone feel like a part of something truly special. He even pointed out a fan who had been to every single show on this tour, a truly impressive feat. His authenticity and down-to-earth nature were refreshing, and it was evident that he genuinely cared about his fans’ experience.

Prof made sure to include some fan favorites like “Andre the Giant” and “Light Work”. The crowd interaction as they drowned out Prof with their own signing was a great sight to behold. The highlight of the night came in the form of Prof riding a massive inflatable raft over the crowd as he closed out his show and the stage filled with everyone from his crew filling the stage in support. This tour is only at its midpoint, so there’s still time to catch a show when the tour picks back up at the end of May. 


Photo Gallery : Prof – The Sylvee (05.06.2023)

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