Pierce The Veil confirms Mike Fuentes is out of the band, currently writing a new album

While the band has been pretty hushed since the release of 2016’s Misadventures, it appears the vocalist of Pierce The Veil, Vic Fuentes, has issued an update on the band’s status. Questions had surrounded the situation since Mike was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017, and while he eventually made the decision to “step away” from the band, it was unclear whether he’d be rejoining the band or not. Now, it seems we have an answer.

For starters, Mike Fuentes is apparently not in the band anymore. According to a recent Vic Fuentes Instagram post + comment, Mike has actually been out of the band since 2017, despite appearing on the band’s livestream earlier this year. It’s unclear who the replacement will be.


The other bit of news to note? The band is in the middle of recording a new album, and while there’s no release date just yet, it’s one the band have been working on for four years. We’ll keep you posted.

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