September 27, 2023

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The Merciless Concept release their ravaging new song ‘Subject 42’ – listen!

Long Island, New York death metal band The Merciless Concept has release their ravaging new song ‘Subject 42’, and man does it punch you like a 15ft tidal wave. The vicious new track was premiered through Metal Injection and released on the Slam Worldwide YouTube channel. The Merciless Concept is preparing to release their new album ‘Sessions of Pain’ in the Fall of this year. The new album will be The Merciless Concept’s first album since 2012. The band has released three songs off their upcoming album – ‘Suffering Humanity’, ‘Ruin‘, and now ‘Subject 42‘. Catering to a more brutal side of the death metal spectrum, the band harbors some slam influence inside their music and we’re all for it. We are very excited to get our hands on ‘Sessions of Pain’.



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