Photo Gallery: Operation Coexist Hosts MMF Meet & Greet

Venue: Amulet Tattoos

Location: St. Pete, Florida

Date: July 1st, 2017

Host: Operation Coexist

Band: Memphis May Fire

Our writer and photographer Sarah Lucas had much to say regarding a recent event that she covered. See below for her inquiry.

Operation Coexist is a non-profit organization out of St. Pete, Florida. One of their missions is to further provide the music scene by giving back, offering tremendous support, and by creating a safe community. The proceeds of this specific meet and greet went to providing instruments and music lessons to kids in foster care around the Tampa Bay region. Katie Talbert, president and A&R at Never Take It Off, organized this event which went swiftly and successfully. I’m truly honored to have networked with her and assist in photographing this special evening with fans. Special thanks to Amulet Tattoos for offering their space and making us feel at home.

My absolute favorite moment was when Matty, vocalist of MMF, stuck around and prayed with the last group of fans. I’ve never experienced something so amazing. It made me personally realize why I began to photograph in general. Capturing that memory, even for the fans involved, impacted me as an artist and fellow Christian. It’s musicians like Matty that keep it all alive. I appreciate the guys from Memphis May Fire for being absolutely humble and patient through every photo captured, it was a great time no doubt.




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