February 28, 2024

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Paleface Swiss drops epic new single “The Gallow” after finishing their wildly popular headlining tour

Paleface Swiss have dropped an anthem of a single with their newest song “The Gallow”. After finishing their mostly sold out and wildly popular US headlining tour the band is continuing their trend of new singles, “The Gallows” being the bands third one this year.



On the inspiration for “The Gallow,” frontman Zelli elaborates:

“The Gallow” is a song that delves into the constant torment one experiences within their mind and body. It’s a pain that defies relief, persisting with each breath you take. Over time, this anguish fuels a mounting aggression, as one struggles to make sense of their suffering. You come to realize that this aggression won’t provide solace, and you may reach a point where you believe that the only escape from the unending torment is to hang yourself. The song reflects a retrospective look at those who have endured such suffering, and it pays tribute to musical icons like Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and countless others.”

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