May 21, 2024

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On Serpent Moon, Aridus takes black metal to the high desert

Black metal is a genre often associated with Scandinavian forests and frigid climates, given its origins in the region.  However, Serpent Moon, the debut release from Aridus, re-imagines the music for the high deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The band’s sole member is Galen Baudhuin, who currently plays bass for Wolves in the Throne Room during their live shows.  He also contributed to Primoridial Arcana, the band’s most recent record.  In addition to writing and performing all the music on Serpent Moon, he mixed and mastered the album too.

Aridus’ press release for Serpent Moon states:

“The distant howl of coyotes echoes through the desert night. Over a windswept mesa the Serpent Moon rises. This is how Galen Baudhuin (Wolves In The Throne Room, Infera Bruo, Street Tombs and more) envisions the debut album of ARIDUS. In conspiracy with Eisenwald, he takes you on a journey to his majestic and hostile homeland in the American high desert and through the inevitable stages of human existence.

ARIDUS is an outlet for multi-instrumentalist Galen Baudhuin’s more overt black metal material. GB handled all instrumentation across the entire album, challenging himself to represent his creative vision unaided. This vision is deeply rooted in the unforgiving nature and beauty of the high desert of the southwestern United States. A sinister sonic landscape that resonates with a somber, dark energy.”

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