Old Dominion sees the sun set during unforgettable Tortuga Music Festival set

By Dave Parsons


The warm sands and waves of Fort Lauderdale Beach was a picturesque scene for the 2024 Tortuga Music Festival.  The sun was starting to set on Saturday April 6, and the setting was picture perfect, as Old Dominion took the main stage of the festival.  

Known for their blend of modern country with pop sensibilities, Old Dominion kicked the set off with Make It Sweet, and before the song was half over, the members of Old Dominion were down at the end of the catwalk, interacting with fans and grabbing their attention. Lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey’s smooth voice was as warm as the sun setting and the show was off and rolling.

Old Dominion’s set was a mix of their greatest hits and tracks from their latest album CD.  The audience’s response to both gave indication that the new material was just as beloved as their classic hits.  The band transitioned seamlessly into hits like Break Up With Him and No Such Thing as a Broken Heart much to the crowd’s delight.

The latter song’s uplifting message resonated with the audience, many of whom sang along word for word. The band’s ability to connect with their fans through relatable lyrics was on full display. This connection was further highlighted during Written in the Sand, where the crowd’s voices joined in a chorus, creating a beautiful moment.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was their performance of Hotel Key. The song had the crowd dancing and singing along with abandon. The beach setting enhanced the song’s laid-back vibe, making it feel as if the lyrics were coming to life in real time. 

Old Dominion’s musicianship was impeccable. The guitar work of Brad Tursi and Trevor Rosen were impressive, as was Geoff Sprung’s bass lines, and drummer Whit Sellers ability to keep the energy high/ Together, they created a rich, full sound that was both polished and organic.

Matthew Ramsey’s role as frontman needs to be seen. He can engage the audience with genuine interactions, or anecdotes between songs, he makes the large festival feel intimate.

Though not the closing act on the main stage on Day two of the 2024 Tortuga Music Festival, Old Dominion certainly made a case to be considered for the slot next year. 

Old Dominion Setlist

  1) Make It Sweet

  2) No Hard Feelings

  3) How Good Is That

  4) Break Up with Him

  5) Wrong Turns

  6) No Such Thing as a Broken Heart

  7) Written in the Sand

  8) Snapback

  9) Hotel Key

10) Memory Lane

11) One Man Band

12) Song for Another Time

13) Ain’t Got a Worry

14) Save It for a Rainy Day

15)  I Was on a Boat That Day

Photo Gallery : Old Dominion – Tortuga Music Festival (04.06.2024)

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