May 25, 2024

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North Carolina metal newcomers KVRB TRIP emerge with new single, “Estelle”

If you’re not familiar with KVRB TRIP, you will be soon. The North Carolina metal newcomers deliver high-octane metal that combines an array of rock and metal subgenres – though the band leans mostly on the heavier side of things. Case in point, their newest single, “Estelle”.

The new single, which you can listen to below, characterizes the band pretty well. Some obvious Alice In Chains and Korn influences are definitely present in their developing sound, but so too is something deeper and unquantifiable. Even the subject matter is particularly unsettling.

Corte Dixon had this to say about the song:

“Estelle is a chilling tale of being tormented in my own home by a malicious spirit (Estelle) it started slow, and then would get so intense I wouldn’t leave my flat after dark, or by myself. I would hear stomping up stairs, slamming doors, and knocking. Even friends who were apprehensive at best to believe experienced some of what was going on.. the thing is I had to live with it. I became paranoid, and experienced psychosis with bouts of major depression and rage. This track encompasses the thoughts, and mindset of someone who wants peace, but is constantly tormented by something you can’t physically remove. I’m just the conduit of inspiration for the song, Darin took what I gave him, ran with it and put it into song form.”

Having played a number of notable shows already with the likes of Dropout Kings and Saving Vice, they’re also supporting rising nu-metalcore band Tallah in October. Don’t get caught napping on KVRB TRIP.

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