May 22, 2024

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NFM Horror-Thon : The Owners (2020)

Its always great when horror, or films in general, hit that point where they are take clear inspiration from other recent films in their genre. The Owners here is a clear example of that. Sadly though as often happens, the copy isn’t as great as what its trying to be.

Following 3 kids that attempt what they think will be a quick and easy break in job with a large pay off they attempt it while one of their girlfriends are outside waiting. When their victims arrive home earlier than expected though plans take a turn for the worst and we soon see that not everyone is who they seem to say they are.

Unlike Don’t Breathe which this film is trying so hard to emulate, The Owners just doesn’t carry the same tension it wishes it did. I never once was worried about what was happening or would happen to any of the characters here. No one was likeable or had any redeeming qualities and it all was just seemingly a slow moving rush until the very end.

Minus one scene as well which had some good effects with it the film just lacks anything going on mostly. Scenes drag on for way too long and the end twist is seen from a mile away and moved past so quickly that you don’t have time to care or want to know more about.

Overall The Owners falls short of what it could of been with just being a lackluster version of something better. Sadly with an entirely unlikable cast of characters and a slow pace that ultimately feels like it leads to nothing The Owners isn’t one to rush to.

Score :


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