New Jersey pop-punk band Sucker Punch release single “I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu” ahead of upcoming EP

Sucker Punch continue building towards the release of their upcoming EP Better Pleasures with their latest single, “I’m Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu,” which arrives following “Worst Case Ontario.” The New Jersey band recruited Chris LoPorto of Can’t Swim to feature on this dynamic track. Its mix of gentle beauty and aggressive propulsion in both the music and the vocals make this new song their most engaging listen yet.

Guitarist Billy Butka details the making of the track: “‘I’m Ready to Ride Giants, Kunu’ is an anthem for those stuck in the vicious cycle of self doubt. We had the pleasure of working with Can’t Swim’s Chris LoPorto to deliver a powerful performance to help extinguish those negative thoughts keeping you down.” You can stream it here.

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