December 1, 2023

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Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon gets ousted from the gates of misery, doesn’t appear on new record ‘Godlike’

After coming under fire for some seriously transphobic statements many weeks ago, the curtain has closed on CJ McMahon’s time as the vocalist of Thy Art Is Murder. And the circumstances are rather eye-opening as well. The band’s new album, Godlike, was just released – but surprisingly it doesn’t feature his vocals at all. In fact, it appears TAIM pulled a power move by pulling out the rug from under McMahon at the last minute.

According to the band, they took all of McMahon’s vocals off the record at the very least minute, due almost completely to McMahon’s transphobic comments weeks ago. Those caused a rift between McMahon and the rest of the band, as well as in the band’s fanbase, which most condemned them. It’s really not a surprise, after McMahon posted one of the weakest “apologies” for his transphobic comments that you could imagine. Realistically, there weren’t many other options, as the pressure from their fanbase proved to be too much.

McMahon was promoting the album less than 24 hours ago on his socials, so there’s been no word about any update he might have in reaction to this news. We’ll keep you posted. The identity of their new vocalist also has not been revealed just yet.

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