May 25, 2024

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Mom Jeans bring the energy on a hump day in Salt Lake City

By Molly McCoy


Wednesday night brought an evening full of epic energy that felt like you were stepping out of your normal weeknight routine into a whirlwind of nostalgia and energy. The venue, buzzing with excitement well before the first band took the stage. Catching the tail end of their tour, Mom Jeans brought their tour to Salt Lake for a night of excitement filled memories.

The lineup for this tour is a triple threat as you have the legendary Mom Jeans headlining but also have Hunny and Summer Salt as openers. The night started off with a bang thanks to Hunny. Their high-energy performance really got the crowd pumped up. They won those in the crowd who haven’t heard of them over with catchy melodies and moshable beats, they set the stage for what was to come the rest of the evening.

Following them with a change of pace was Summer Salt. They brought dreamy indie songs to the stage. While Hunny brought energy, Summer Salt transported the crowd to the beach in the summer. Every member in their band smiled through their set, even remarking how much they love coming to Salt Lake on any and every tour they are a part of. It was a perfect segue into Mom Jean’s set.

From the moment the house lights went down the crowd went wild. Starting the night off with their song “What’s Up” the crowd was ready, you could almost feel the adrenaline rushing through the air. The barricade was constantly being rocked as fans were singing, dancing and jumping along to every moment of each song.

With this being my first Mom Jeans concert, I was impressed with how well the band connected with the audience. It didn’t feel like they were there to just play their songs, rather they were there to hang out with old friends, tell jokes and make everyone feel like they were a part of the show. The music itself was on point. Mom Jeans has this knack for blending emo vibes with catchy melodies, and it’s addictive. They played a mix of crowd favorites and some deeper tracks. No matter what was played, each song was well received by the crowd.

If you ever get the chance to see Mom Jeans live, do yourself a favor and go. It’s not just a concert; it’s an experience you won’t forget. While this run of their tour is over, their newest album “Bear Market” is currently streaming and will get you ready for their next tour, which hopefully isn’t too far down the road. As for Salt Lake City, we are anxiously awaiting the return of Mom Jeans.

Photo Gallery : Hunny – The Union Event Center (04.03.2024)


Photo Gallery : Summer Salt – The Union Event Center (04.03.2024)



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