Of Mice & Men Announce Surprise UK Headlining Tour


Of Mice & Men is scheduled to head off to do a few festivals along with touring with Slipknot and Marilyn Manson this summer. Although, today they released an announcement towards their shocking UK tour. It appeared to be a little out of nowhere but the fans are responding positively.


This flyer was posted onto the Of Mice & Men official website and on Twitter by each of the band mates. The guys are going to be playing in two different clubs in the UK. The first show will be Thursday, May 26th, in London; and the second show will be Wednesday, June 1st in Kingston.

For more information regarding the 2 UK shows: Of Mice Announcement

Become a part of the Ampersand Club here: Membership Purchase

Tickets are expected to be released on sale May 6th, at 10am GTM.

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