April 22, 2024

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Members of Reflections, Brand Of Sacrifice, + more team up for tribute to Suicide Silence’s ‘The Cleansing’

Earlier this year, musician Matt Andrews headed up a Suicide Silence tribute album to the band’s debut album, The Cleansing. Released in 2007, the album was one of deathcore’s biggest commercial successes, introducing the late Mitch Lucker to the world, and inspiring a legion of bands to start up on their own. Now that we’re at the end of the year, the time is nigh for that tribute album to release – and there’s a number of notable names attached to it as well. Members of Reflections, Brand Of Sacrifice, VCTMS, Falsifier, and many more were involved in the project, and it’s out now – give it a spin below and let us know which cover is your favorite.

1. Unanswered – David Simonich (Signs Of The Swarm)
2. Hands Of A Killer – Kyle Anderson (BRAND OF SACRIFICE)
3. The Price Of Beauty – Mike Greenwood (Angelmaker)
4. The Fallen – Alex Ferland (Lost Creation)
5. No Pity For a Coward – Jake Wolf (Reflections)
6. The Disease – PabloThaGreat (HIVE)
7. Bludgeoned to Death – Aiden Versteegh (Falsifier)
8. Girl Of Glass – John Matalone (VCTMS)
9. In a Photograph – Alex Miller (Ritual Contrition)
10. Eyes Sewn Shut – Jacob Cooledge (Beguiler)
11. Destruction of a Statue – Dylan Greenhill (Immortalis)
12. Green Monster – Aaron Swain (Dead Future/This Is Death Valley)

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